Your Best Catering POS Management System

To provide you with one-stop the most practical and effective catering business marketing plan

One-stop catering management POS system to help your business take you to the next level


Rich and close to the market

Covering merchants with traditional traditional ordering requirements

  • 支持二維碼點餐
  • 支援微信點餐
  • 支援手機點餐、平板電腦點餐
  • 支援觸摸屏點餐
API 1.3.4-1

The various payment methods you want

Cash, membership card payment and more

Provide various online and offline collection channels for catering enterprises

Provide you with a more intimate and new ordering system experience

Bringing new and convenient choices to merchants and consumers

Your private mobile phone restaurant

Anytime, anywhere

Reservation, takeaway, payment, real-time feedback to the in-store system

The clerk arranges the number, the computer voice instant call

And inform customers in advance by SMS to reduce the loss of alleles.

Establish a high return rate for consumers

Online communication

Online simple registration member, VIP consumption record tracking

Online evaluation, direct communication with customer service

Insights into preferences, precision marketing, increased revenue and profit

ERP system control cost

Improve economic efficiency

Standardize menu and staff configuration

Help you make effective cost management decisions

Insights into preferences, precision marketing, increased revenue and profit