Offline Payment

Face To Face

Online Payment


Offline Payment Solutions

One Portable POS machine

Self-developed Payment App

Enables You To Collect Payment At Anytime, Anywhere

Back-end Management System

Clear Transaction Records


One-stop Solutions Help You Start Your Business Easily

Smart Catering And Retail POS System & WeChat Official Account

Online Payment Solutions

Powerful integration API

Passing online payment

Flexible connection

Various shopping platforms

Local technical team

Professional support


Add shopping cart system

Let your customers place purchase orders directly

Comprehensive User Interface

Support the use of different equipment sites

Diversified Payment Methods

Provide one-stop online payment solutions

Improve the user experience

Fexible Platform Design

High flexibility to change the design of your webpage and customize your sales content

Connect to WeChat Official Account

Help you enter the Chinese market and increase your turnover

Develop product sales content